Would you like some rye-flakes with that?


Yes, please!  Rye porridge is the new cool in my breakfast cupboard…

Rye is a healthy alternative to oat-flakes. If you love your oatmeal porridge for breakfast you’ll love your rye porridge!

What you need:

  • 1 cup of rye-flakes
  • water to cook the rye
  • dried unsweetened fruits (my choice: apricot, cranberry, fig, raisin, goji berry and sesame seeds)
  • pinch of salt
  • pinch of cinnamon, ground ginger (to taste), nutmeg
  • honey when served

I know there are various techniques to make porridge, so you can prepare your porridge the way you like…

My method: Put the rye in a pot with the goji berries + salt and spices; cover it with water and cook for about 5 minutes. Pour the rye on top of the dried fruits and mix them. Let it cool down + add honey …      Voilà! ready to enjoy!

I didn’t use milk to prepare this porridge. Cutting out dairy is not an easy one for me ~ I love yogurt, cheese, all kinds of dairy products ~ but unfortunately I’ve got no other choice. It was around November, when I realized that my lactose tolerance might be joining the club of intolerance. I wasn’t sure whether it was the milk or some other food, so I started experimenting. It was the milk 😦

I’m doing this gradually. To make this easier for myself, I thought I would start with milk. I don’t drink too much milk, only with my morning coffee… but I’m also a #Do not mess with my morning coffee# person, so I needed to come up with a healthier option… RICE MILK

Today I’ll prepare my first DIY rice milk… if you’re interested how it turned out and how I did it, you can find out in my next post.

Have a Happy Breakfast Everyone!

and remember #EatYourBreakfast#It’sGood4you#