“Be the Change”

This is how change happens… step by step ~~~ bit by bit… gradually!

but we want it all and at once.      we want it NOW.

It happened and happens to me, too, sometimes. Then, I get frustrated that the desired results don’t come as fast as I want them. A grey fog sits on my mind… the peace I just felt a second ago disappears … my body feels heavy and I feel lost. I wanna give up.

Then, in a clear moment, I have to catch myself in the midst of the fog and remind myself that it’s okay (Take a deep breath, girl! Slow down! Take it easy! It’s gonna be fine!) … and like a ray of sunshine ~~~ peace, love start to flow back into my life and I’m aware again.

So, change is not easy, and there will be ups and downs. That’s why we need to take it slow, it has to be conscious and planned. About a month ago I decided I want change, and I want this change to cover every aspect of my life: starting with myself, relationships, health, environment… everything you can imagine.

I decided to change every day one thing, however small that thing would be. Each and every step counts, even the tiniest… and if you fall? doesn’t matter, get up and get up again. You can’t fail in life! There’re no mistakes, just lessons to learn! There’s always a new day, a new hour, a new minute to start over and try again!

This is how I started the journey:

  • I gave my home a good and thorough clean – I throw and gave away everything I don’t use and was sure would never use again. I packed the things I hold dearly, but don’t use, in a box. It’s like a space cleaning, wanted to get rid of the old, negative, stucked energies…
  • started my BLOG in December to motivate myself and maybe with my journey I can inspire others as well
  • I’ve been keeping a JOURNAL for years now to jot down my plans, ideas, aims, desires for the future.
  • I do my own VISION BOARD every year and hang it on the wall; it is a reminder of my plans. I love putting positive affirmations, quotes on the board like these: The light that radiates from your smile shines on the world you desire.
  • I read, listen and watch works that inspire and motivate me. I have a shelf only for “spiritual” books.
  • I like to wake up 5-10 minutes earlier to give thanks, express my gratitude and start my day with positive energies.
  • I do exercise every day. Doing physical exercise is like a drug, it flies me to a different dimension, to a state of BLISS, where my mind switches off… the problems, the struggles of every day life don’t exist anymore. It’s just ME with myself…and this is where the magic happens, this is why I, and everybody who does some kind of sport, keep coming back: to be in this state of peace, of creativity…
  • Started changing the way and what I eat. I hate diets, it stresses me out. So I didn’t want to go on a diet, I rather wanted to change the things I eat. I had 3 reasons to do so: health issues, weight issues (wanted to loose a few kilos) and just simply wanted to feel good in my skin again. ~ I’ve decided to make my own DIY cook book and collect the recipes I love (I love scrap booking, so it’s an awesome idea to express creativity)
  • Started to change my hair and skin products to organic and homemade ones. I like to use organic oils, organic shampoos, soaps… without SLS and all the harmful, toxic ingredients.
  • and I wanna change many more things…. but I need to be patient.

In the midst of wanting to change, always remember the first and foremost thing: to love and accept yourself the way you are… You can only accomplish great things with love. Be kind, Be patient to yourself and things will come to you!