On The Road Again – a confession

When you’re traveling and you’re not planning ahead aka you just go with the flow then you give yourself and your life the opportunity to flow wherever it may want and need.

This is what we decided to do. We kind of had a plan in mind but didn’t plan ahead in details. The only thing we knew was that I had to be in Chiang Mai by the 9th of October for my Thai Massage Course. We also decided not to move around a lot to save money and this way we could soak up the culture of the country where we were.

Staying in one place gives you the opportunity to settle down a bit and establish some sort of habit into your life. In Chiang Mai, we found our favourite cafe and we also made friends with the owners. A lovely Thai couple who put their heart into their business. It was a beautiful experience to see someone working with passion. I guess when you do what you love it isn’t really a job, right?!

On the other hand, you have to make sure you keep yourself busy otherwise you get bored. I mean really bored.

I’m the kind of person who has to have some sort of system to my day, otherwise I can end up basically doing nothing. My course kept me busy in the mornings until 4 but then for the rest of the day and for the weekends I was free.

My dad passed away 3 weeks prior to our trip so I left Europe with a confused heart. Shall I stay? Could I help if I stayed? I’d been waiting for this trip with so much excitement and all of a sudden it left me worrying.

With a broken heart but I decided to leave. Originally I thought of this trip as a much needed break from life, to recharge and refocus. It’s hard to admit but I was a bit depressed, life sometimes felt like a struggle. Then with my dad’s passing away so suddenly my whole world turned upside down. Many things that were so important before didn’t matter anymore. I questioned and keep questioning many things in life since that day. It dawned on me that tomorrow is not promised. The things I’ve been postponing for fear, for low self-esteem or for whatever reason all of a sudden came up to the surface with a sense of urgency to act upon.

My aspirations for this life became clearer and although I don’t know how to get to the life I want to live, I knew I had to start taking some steps. Waiting and sitting around won’t make dreams come true. You have to put in time and effort. You have to be willing to sacrifice and work for it. You have to be willing to fall and get back up.

The trip that was gonna be a long holiday all of a sudden became a journey of self-discovery, soul-searching. It’s a graceful opportunity from life. I’m given all the time to focus on myself so when I come back to Europe I can come back stronger, braver and with my cup full to help others.

This is what I always wanted: to serve people, to make this world a better place, a more loving, caring and mindful place.

This, I know, won’t happen from one day to another. I have to first grow and invest into myself:

• I started a Life Coaching course to understand myself and become clear about my intentions and reasons.

• I’m exercising every day now to grow stronger mentally and physically.

• I have to face my bad habits, the painful emotions that pop up uninvited and be willing and open to deal with them.

• I have to accept that life doesn’t work out itself sometimes the way I imagined. I either accept this and let go or I have to be dragged by the bags on my back.

I’m grateful for this “free” time I was given to travel, to self-discover, to learn and grow. It’s always up to us what we make time for. It’s always up to us what we make of this life and of our dreams. Do we make them reality or do we sit around day-dreaming about the life we really want.

You’re graced for your race!

Share Your Bliss

I’ve read something just now and it touched something deep down in me. I’ve heard the words before many times, and I always knew what they meant or at least what they were supposed to mean. For some reason today was the day when it touched something in my heart. I’d like to share them with you, who knows, maybe today is the day for you as well when it all makes sense:


My heart like fingers played the words on the piano keys and the whole melody just made sense.

It all dawned on me: I’m so scared to play big and go after my dreams. I tend to overthink and over-analyze everything. I think I’m a wizard, who can foretell the future.  I like to play it safe and I like to keep my talents hidden. I play it small so I don’t have to fall straight on to my face. Who likes to be vulnerable? It’s such an ugly sight when I fall, and it’s such a heart breaking experience picking up the pieces and cleaning up the mess. I think it’s all in my head. I decide with my head, when it’s a matter of the heart. I need to believe in myself, I need to believe that I can, I need to follow that sparkle. I need to give myself permission to come out of my turtle shell and show my true self.

We’re all born to this world for a reason, we have many unique talents, and we all have greatness in us. Things were not meant to be easy, let me tell you. Many times we are tested. Many times we bump into close doors, or worst, doors are slammed into our face. But, that’s all fine. Maybe that door wasn’t meant to open for us because there was something else, something greater waiting for us further down the road. If you give up and settle for less, you’ll never know what’s your talent, what’s your bliss, what are those things that make you shine and sparkle.

Be grateful for closed doors — @Edinburgh. picture by me

We need to keep going, and when we find something that makes us shine, we need to rock that and we need to share that. This whole life only makes sense when we share our bliss with others, when we share that bit of sparkle with others so we can shine together. At the end of the day, I think, that’s all that matters. Please don’t settle for less, and don’t give up the search, we need what you have inside you. Don’t hide from this world. Open up! Share your inner beauty with us!

— write it –sing it –draw it –design it –dance it –create it –cook it –bake it –swim it –run it –speak it –yoga it — massage it — build it –sew it –teach it –pray it –any ways you can, whatever is your way, just share it!

One of my favorite place on this planet: @island of Lombok, Indonesia. picture by me


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Much Love!

I’ve been spending quite a lot of time this week in the kitchen, in the gym and in the yoga studio. Hubby’s been away, so I had all the time to myself this week. It was a fun and active week, but I think I pushed past my limit and my body’s craving for rest. I was gonna go to the gym this evening but I’ve decided to stay home, chill and write this new blog post instead.

In my last blog post [ What Fit Means to Me ] I was telling you about what Fit means to me, and how my life’s changed for the better since I regularly exercise, practice yoga and try to eat consciously. So, here it continues.



This fit lifestyle keeps teaching me patience every day. We want results Now, and we get so discouraged when we don’t see the results we had in mind. I think most of the time this is the very reason why people give up. Even after a year and a half, I’m still not there where I want to be. To be honest, I thought I would be there in 3-6 months. I disheartened many times, I was on the verge of giving up a couple of times. But I always realize, I’m not doing this for the six packs or the nice perky butt (although would be nice to have them, and hopefully  will do one day soon).


@ Tribe Yoga Studio – chilling between a power yoga and a yin yoga class


I’m doing this because I love the post-bliss-state exercise and yoga put me. I love feeling strong and I love seeing even the tiniest results. All these keep me going and coming back for more.

Fit also taught me to be confident and comfortable in my body. To be happy in your body doesn’t depend on the size of the dress you wear, or the number your scale shows. Confidence and happiness radiate from inside. It’s a feeling of being healthy and active. And, I’m very positive that this can only be achieved through an active lifestyle. I’m not saying you have to go to the gym and do weights, or run 10 K every day… You have to find your own way of healthy and active, your own way of fit. For me, it’s a mix of yoga, hardcore training, where I can push myself to and over my limits (like bbg, insanity, bodyrock, weights training) and eating as healthy as possible.


Post-yoga-bliss selfie from this week

Fit showed me the importance of balance. You can’t keep pushing yourself and training every day. Your body, mind, spirit need rest days. Your muscles need to recover. There were times, and I’m still struggling with this, when I’d feel bad about having a rest day. This is when I need to remind myself that loving my body is not just about being active and pushing it but also about giving my body the rest it deserves.

Also, you can’t eat clean all the time. You need those cheat meals, you need those treats sometimes. I have the sweetest tooth ever and I had to discover a way that works for me to keep it in balance. My way of balancing it is making my own raw, vegan treats. Like this I know all the ingredients that go in there. I make a batch for the week ahead, and I know whenever I feel like having something sweet, it’s there waiting for me in the fridge.


Hungry? Raw, Vegan Snickers Bars to keep my sweet tooth in balance

I could write pages and pages about what this lifestyle has taught me so far. It keeps teaching me every day something new about myself, relationships and the world. I’ll be back soon to share more of my experiences.

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Much Love to you all!

Here’s to the dreamers

Have you ever felt like you’re just running around in circles while trying to figure out what you’re meant to do with your life? You feel the call, you know there has to be something more to this life but you just can’t figure out what it is, and what the next step would be. After all these year I feel like I have some of the pieces of the puzzle but I cannot put the picture together:

I want to help people, I feel very strong about human rights, equality and justice, I love creative vibes, I’m in love with textiles and patterns, I enjoy writing and finding creative channels through which I can express the world inside me, I love healthy and organic stuff, travelling makes me feel alive, yoga and exercise help me to connect to myself…

Sometimes I feel stuck and annoyed wishing I had certain skills, because for sure if I had those skills I would be able to figure out my purpose; or if I did this or that course to gain this and that skill, for sure I would be able to put my life’s puzzle together.

Do you ever feel envy or happy for people who seem to be on the right track? I never felt envy, thanks goodness, and I’m very grateful for that! Others’ success stories make me happy and they inspire me. They show me that indeed it is possible. Dreams do come true. But then again I’m back to step 1.

I think most of the time we are looking for solutions outside and we forget to look inwards. Everything we are looking for, all the answers are already inside of us, we already have everything we need in order to achieve great things. I think deep inside we know what we need to do to get out of the vicious circle, we are just afraid to do the first step. We’re afraid of falling, failing and taking risks. There’s no such thing as taking a step towards the wrong direction. The first step might not take you straight to your dreams but for sure it is taking you towards it. As someone said it is the journey that counts. The small steps you take towards your goals and dreams, they all count.


So here it is to all the dreamers like me: don’t just dream, believe as well that one day the BIG dream will come true. Dare to make the first step however small that step is. Listen to the voice that says “Yes, you can!” and ignore the voices that say it is impossible. We’re all born here with a purpose, that’s for sure I know, and we can achieve incredible things.

(picture from pinterest)

Let your light shine 

We’re born to this life with different talents to make the most of this beautiful life; so don’t worry no one can steal your shine.You’re the only one responsible for your own thoughts and actions. But the ultimate goal we all share is to bless others with our shine.

Overcoming Bad Habits – BYN 2.

Beautify Your Nails, 2nd part

A week ago I wrote about overcoming bad habits (post: “Beautify Your Nails”), and my habit of nail biting.
Another week, actually a week and a half passed since then and my nails are still long. We went grocery shopping today and I wandered away and found myself in the beauty section (what a coincidence). When I saw this orange nail polish I knew it was the One. Don’t ask me why, I guess I just wanted a vivid color that reminds me of summer. Because it’s still so cold outside. I can’t wait for spring to come. And, it does the job perfectly, my nails cheer me up just by looking at them.

As I said, it’s so important to celebrate even the tiniest achievement. It gives you enough strength to go on and overcome the next obstacle. I was celebrating this time with buying a new nail polish and more selfies.

Here’s my recipe for success: (hope you find it useful)

1. Pay attention and understand: The most essential thing to overcome bad habits, I find, is paying close attention to yourself to understand your habit. Let’s stick to my nail biting. I always try to catch myself in the moment and understand what has just happened that triggered the necessity of my biting my nails. In my case I find it’s stress, worrying and so much more. If I can catch myself in the midst of my thoughts and become conscious of my action just when it’s about to happen I know I have a very good chance to prevent my nail biting. It’s a matter of seconds, let me tell you.

2. Change your thoughts: You can always change your thoughts, your thought pattern. By changing it you ultimately change your mood and the way you feel in your body. “Peace is a thought away!”

3. Love yourself: Never punish yourself! Doesn’t matter if you fail, what matters is that you get back up and try again. Tomorrow is a new day. Love and accept yourself, and work from this place of tranquility to change whatever needs to be changed in your life.

4. Stay positive and motivated: I love Oprah and her interviews. They give me so much inspiration and motivation to go on and follow my path. I like walking to work. It takes me about 30 minutes, those 30 minutes give me the perfect opportunity to listen to such life and world view changing interviews, and you do some exercise at the same time. 😉 The other day I was listening to her interview with Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, a Harvard-trained neuroscientist, about her book “My Stroke of Insight.” It’s a very interesting interview about her having a stroke and her life afterwards. She says here that “peace is a thought away,” and it just stroke something inside me. Here’s the link if you’re interested:

I always make sure to listen to or read such inspirational interviews. They help me stay positive and motivated.

5. Get active: I also find physical exercise useful when it comes to bad habits. I believe physical exercise as such gives you a healthy self-esteem, positive energy and positive thoughts that help you overcome the lows and stay strong.

6.Talk about it: Talk with your friends, your parents. If you feel like you need an outsider’s opinion there are so many platforms out there where you can find people with the same issues. Sharing and talking about it with others may give you a different perspective. If you can’t share it with the world, share it with yourself, write it down on a piece of paper.

7. Write about it: Write down the pros and contras of your habit. Why are you so afraid to let go of the habit? What’s withholding you to change? How would life be once you overcome the habit? Seeing the pros and contras will give you a deep insight, but be very honest with yourself.

8. Visualize: (this should have come at the very top of my list) Visualize the new, happier you!

Good luck all’ya beautiful people! We can do it!

Rock Your World

Because if you don’t do it, nobody else will do it for you.

When I decided I want to change and shake things up, I decided I wanted to make physical exercise a part of my everday life.

I wanted and wanna do one thing a day that I totally love… or two (even better). Something that makes my day, something that makes me feel my own awesomeness, something that makes me believe that life is beautiful and that it’s a gift, something that makes me appreciate that I’m alive, something that makes me wanna give back something good to the world.

I went for a run today, and then went for a walk with my husband and my dog. The walk was like the well deserved whipped cream on my ice-cream 😉 loved every second of it!

I found it difficult to get off the couch today. It took about 20 minutes to convince myself that #running will be good for me#, and had to remind myself that #actually, I like running#.

So, finally, I put on my rabbit shoes… grabbed my phone and my earphones… and was ready to rock those kilometers with Michael Franti and his awesome music.  {I think awesome is my favorite word today}

Every time I run after about 2 kilometers my mind switches itself off, as if somebody would press the pause button, and I run myself into a state of bliss and on the wings of creativity… I fly away. That’s why I love running. {Yoga sort of does the same to me}

When you make the effort in life, life will reward you! This is true for everything; when you take care of your body, your body will take care of you; when you take care of relationships, they’ll be there for you in good or bad; when you give ~ You’ll be given!

But don’t do it for the reward… do it for the journey… because we’re given so much more than we think in the course of achieving our goals (but we tend to rush by these small miracles)… {a bit of a ‘philosophical conversation’ with myself}


*The sun came out when I was running and it made me stop and do some yoga sun salutations.*

*Being in nature gives you so much good energy, it connects you to the wholeness of life.*


*Watching my dog running around happily, discovering and exploring nature around him is a gift. We could learn a lot from dogs (animals in general). We get used to things (situations, places, people) way too easy. We accommodate and reconcile ourselves, and in the meantime we forget to notice the simple but truly important things of life.*

So, yes, I’m happy I got off the couch this morning and did something I like doing… spending time with my love, my other love, who is my dog, and with myself.

>>> get moving so you’d get creative!<<<

And when you’re done #High Five Yourself and Be Proud#  I love high-fiving myself – it makes me smile, and probably it looks funny,too –

Things and links I love:

(I’m not a gym person, I like doing my yoga and workouts at home, on my mat)

Kung fu Panda Wisdom

Kung fu Panda Wisdom

[after Po has remembered what happened to his parents]
Soothsayer: You’re story may not have such a happy beginning, but that doesn’t make you who you are. It is the rest of your story, who you choose to be.

“Be the Change”

This is how change happens… step by step ~~~ bit by bit… gradually!

but we want it all and at once.      we want it NOW.

It happened and happens to me, too, sometimes. Then, I get frustrated that the desired results don’t come as fast as I want them. A grey fog sits on my mind… the peace I just felt a second ago disappears … my body feels heavy and I feel lost. I wanna give up.

Then, in a clear moment, I have to catch myself in the midst of the fog and remind myself that it’s okay (Take a deep breath, girl! Slow down! Take it easy! It’s gonna be fine!) … and like a ray of sunshine ~~~ peace, love start to flow back into my life and I’m aware again.

So, change is not easy, and there will be ups and downs. That’s why we need to take it slow, it has to be conscious and planned. About a month ago I decided I want change, and I want this change to cover every aspect of my life: starting with myself, relationships, health, environment… everything you can imagine.

I decided to change every day one thing, however small that thing would be. Each and every step counts, even the tiniest… and if you fall? doesn’t matter, get up and get up again. You can’t fail in life! There’re no mistakes, just lessons to learn! There’s always a new day, a new hour, a new minute to start over and try again!

This is how I started the journey:

  • I gave my home a good and thorough clean – I throw and gave away everything I don’t use and was sure would never use again. I packed the things I hold dearly, but don’t use, in a box. It’s like a space cleaning, wanted to get rid of the old, negative, stucked energies…
  • started my BLOG in December to motivate myself and maybe with my journey I can inspire others as well
  • I’ve been keeping a JOURNAL for years now to jot down my plans, ideas, aims, desires for the future.
  • I do my own VISION BOARD every year and hang it on the wall; it is a reminder of my plans. I love putting positive affirmations, quotes on the board like these: The light that radiates from your smile shines on the world you desire.
  • I read, listen and watch works that inspire and motivate me. I have a shelf only for “spiritual” books.
  • I like to wake up 5-10 minutes earlier to give thanks, express my gratitude and start my day with positive energies.
  • I do exercise every day. Doing physical exercise is like a drug, it flies me to a different dimension, to a state of BLISS, where my mind switches off… the problems, the struggles of every day life don’t exist anymore. It’s just ME with myself…and this is where the magic happens, this is why I, and everybody who does some kind of sport, keep coming back: to be in this state of peace, of creativity…
  • Started changing the way and what I eat. I hate diets, it stresses me out. So I didn’t want to go on a diet, I rather wanted to change the things I eat. I had 3 reasons to do so: health issues, weight issues (wanted to loose a few kilos) and just simply wanted to feel good in my skin again. ~ I’ve decided to make my own DIY cook book and collect the recipes I love (I love scrap booking, so it’s an awesome idea to express creativity)
  • Started to change my hair and skin products to organic and homemade ones. I like to use organic oils, organic shampoos, soaps… without SLS and all the harmful, toxic ingredients.
  • and I wanna change many more things…. but I need to be patient.

In the midst of wanting to change, always remember the first and foremost thing: to love and accept yourself the way you are… You can only accomplish great things with love. Be kind, Be patient to yourself and things will come to you!

Vision Board 2014

Vision Board 2014

My mamacita Sofi introduced me to the idea of VISION BOARD in 2011 and since then I make one every year. Now I have time to make one just before the new year starts. This is a simplified online version of the real one. I usually hang it up close to my bed to make sure I can see it. It works as a reminder, a motivator… LOVE IT!… and most of all, it works !!!