What Fit means to me?

To me, being fit is not only a physical but also a mental, and sort of spiritual state.
It’s the journey of learning to listen to my body, loving it and taking care of it.
To me, fit is accepting my limits and pushing through them. To me, fit is being in balance and in harmony. It’s a real chill pill, a happiness accelerator and a gratitude generator.


Physical exercise has always been there for me as a clutch: in the midst of a distorted self-image during my teenage years, struggling with a slight eating disorder, through break-ups, heart aches, vogue ambitions, through low tides and high tides.

Physical exercise, together hand in hand with yoga now, still plays a massive role in my life. It keeps me sane and grounded. It gives me a healthy self-esteem and self-image.
My concept of fit has changed in the last one and a half years, though. Something switched in me, now I work out because I love my body, and not because I’m unhappy with it. And,  yes, it’s really the best therapy life can can offer.

I’ve learnt as well that fit doesn’t exist without eating healthy.  Nourishing your body with real food, will also nourish your mind and soul. I think self education is the key to understand what we put in our body as the food industry definitely does its best to hide the truth about certain ingredients. You have to do your research and reading. You have to experiment with ingredients to find out what works best for your body. You can’t eat clean all the time, cheat meals are essential, I believe, to achieve balance.


(Although, I’m not vegan, I love making raw and vegan treats such as the above *raw carrot cake* )

From my experience, it’s a transition of months and years to find a healthy lifestyle that you can maintain. In order to make healthy choices, and to make those choices out of love and respect towards yourself and that you wouldn’t take those choices as restrictions,  you have to recondition your mind about eating.


More to come about my Fit journey, about my whole happy life in my next post. If you’ve got any questions please ask. I’d be so happy to answer all your questions.


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**All pictures were made by me, quotes from pinterest