You and the Journey

The amazing experience of travelling–

Our trip is coming ┬áto an end soon. We have only a few more days left in Tropical Paradise. We had a long way to go; it started with a cultural shock in Bangkok and it’s ending in Bali with a creative awakening. When I think about leaving and going back to “reality” my heart is breaking. I feel like a part of me wants to stay and keep on traveling. The weird thing is that It’s not like I don’t wanna go back to my life, it’s that I want to stay. I want to experience more, see more, learn more about the world we’re living in.

The pieces you leave behind of your heart wherever you go, are pieces of the “old” you, and the memories, the experiences you take with you fill those empty spaces in you, turning you into someone “new.”

When you travel something magical happens to you. You see and experience so many new things that you’re changed irrevocably. Most of the time change comes gently and gradually but sometimes in a shocking instant of a blink of an eye. But it always comes. Your world, your perspective of things, people and of yourself change. You become as light as a feather, you don’t worry about life, you just live in the moment and you always try to make the best of your day.

When you travel, life becomes simple. You just go with the flow, and it’s rejuvenating for the soul. You discover so many new things about you and you realise you “are not just a drop in the ocean, you are the ocean in the drop.” The physical trip turns into a spiritual journey as well.

Do we need to travel hundreds and thousands of miles/kilometres to lose and find ourselves, to feel alive on such a huge scale? Can we find it in our everyday life?

I know I have to go back, so there’s no need fighting it, that would only result in suffering. It’s time now to count my blessings, and enjoy what’s left of this trip. I’m so grateful for this life! And, when I’m back… Well, I know I’ll need to go back to a routine but I’m hoping I can go along with my new plans and start something with this huge creative energy I’ve found on this island.

In the meantime, always have an attitude of gratitude, dream, visualise and believe in yourself! Oh, and Get creative to Be creative!