“Milk for Humans”

Well, Hello Oat Milk!

In my last blog I was writing about my experimenting with different types of non-dairy milk: coconut, coconut- rice combo, almond, rice. From the above mentioned types my favourite was the rice milk until I’ve found this Swedish oat milk. It’s delicious!!! Today I found myself drinking it out of the box 😉 I think that’s a sign of our eternal friendship. Coffee, porridge, cereals just taste delicious with this milk. There are still two types of milk I wanna try: hemp and cashew milk.
I’m 99.9% sure I’ll stick to oat milk, though. As I said, it’s delicious and most of all it’s affordable, and I totally adore it’s box. On each box, there’s a different picture, message, piece of information about the company and oat… It’s just way too original, and there’s an organic version as well.

The are two more things I wanted to write about:

~~~ One was about how to stay strong and focused when a piece of cake is staring back at you from the fridge. That was a tough moment for me as I love all sorts of sweets, chocolates, ice creams and the list could go on forever. I’ve been tempted so many times in this last month since I started my non-dairy diet.
What I do in moments like this is : I take a deep breath and remind myself that “it isn’t worth it.” A slice of yummie cake or a piece of biscuit are NOT worth the pain and the bloating…
Best of all, as a reward, I feel awesome and healthy in my body. Because of the restrictions on what I can and cannot eat, I always need to rethink my diet and thanks to that I keep losing weight. (Yes, I exercise as well, which is turning into a slight obsession now, but I don’t mind) As the days are passing, I crave less and less for “unhealthy”* food. (* by “unhealthy” I mean food that is not good for my health, food that contains dairy)

~~~There’s one more thing that’s been kinda bugging me and wanted to write about. That is: Eating Out! I don’t eat out a lot, a couple of times a month maybe, but there are days when I like to grab a sandwich on the go but it’s been a mission impossible most of the time. Well, that’s what Internet is for, right?! To find vegetarian and such restaurants, where you can find “healthy” food on the menu. I shall do that. In my next blog, I’ll write about my eating out experience.