The Dairy-free Experiment

I haven’t written on my blog for ages, so, first of all, I wanted to apologize! I’m back because I wanted to account my experience of a dairy-free diet.2015/01/img_1509.jpg

I’ve been trying to follow a dairy-free diet for about two weeks now. My decision was more out of necessity than out of a conscious decision. I had been watching myself and my diet for about two months when I decided it was time to go to a nutritionist. I wasn’t sure if it was the dairy or the gluten that made me bloat and my stomach hurt etc. Anybody who has intolerance or allergic reactions to certain types of food, knows what I’m talking about.

It turned out I have lactose intolerance. I didn’t take it too bad, as I knew something was going on in my body, and I really wanted to find out what it was and change diet if I needed too. Who needs gases and painful bloating and so on in his/her life, right?

Two weeks down the road, i can tell you what seemed impossible and awfully difficult two weeks ago, turned out to be not so difficult. As a friend of mine said, once you learn to substitute certain types of food it gets easy. And, she was right, it is getting easier.

Milk itself wasn’t an issue, as I preferred soya milk with my coffees and cereals… but all those yummie cheeses, yogurts, ice creams. Then, when you go “conscious” shopping for the first time and you realize there are so many products that have milk, yogurt in it, and you just can’t have them anymore. What a Bomer! The nutritionist said, and I remember my mom mentioning it as well to me, I shouldn’t consume too much soya milk because of the level of phytoestrogen. Now, I’m deprived of my soya milk, as well.

So my experimenting started to find the perfect substitution for cow milk and soya milk for my morning coffees. I’m very fussy when it comes to coffee. It has to be the perfect temperature, the perfect amount of milk in it, otherwise my morning is ruined, lol.  I started with almond milk. The sweetened one was too sweet for me, as I don’t take sugar with my coffees. The unsweetened one didn’t taste like anything at all. It was like having a horrible black coffee. One day, I found an unsweetened rice+coco milk combo. This worked fine with my coffee, it was coco-licious but still too sweet for my taste. Then I’ve found rice milk, it was love at first sight. Hurray for rice milk! My experimentation won’t stop here there are still a few “milk” out there I need to try but for now, I am more than happy with my rice milk.

When you change you’re diet you’re forced to make drastic changes for your health and well-being. I definitely feel healthier, and I started loosing weight as well. I need to do some research, though, regarding vitamin intakes and how to achieve a healthy, balanced dairy-free diet.

In my next post I’ll write about the challenges I face when it comes to dairy-free products and how to stay strong when you find a cake in your fridge, that you can’t have. lol. If you have any feedback, useful information on dairy-free diet I’d love to hear from you! Let’s help each other with sharing our experiences!