Eat Yourself Happy

New fave: Beetroot Juice!

This juice that you can see in the picture is actually really nice. It’s 90% beetroot and 10% apple. The other day, I tried one that was 100% beetroot; had to mix it with orange juice cause I couldn’t drink it on its own.
My mom used to make a homemade juice for me every morning with beetroot+carrots+apple and sometimes other fruits as well, whatever there was in our garden. Nothing beets homemade, especially when you grow the ingredients in your own garden.
Unfortunately, I don’t have a garden at the moment or a juicer either! I really need to buy a juicer 😀 I’ve been planning to buy one for ages, can’t postpone it anymore.

Note to self: always find time for a healthy snack in between 2 meals! Take the time and make sure it’s rich with vitamins and gives (healthy) fuel to your body.